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2017 Hockey Exposure Showcase & Combine

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At The Rink Exposure Showcase and Combine, we’re helping hockey players gather the information they need to make smart, educated decisions about their future as athletes and students. Winnipeg and Manitoba have many young talented hockey players. The Rink team and I intend on helping those players recognize and evaluate their options. We help hockey players get educated about the best possible route for them as individuals. What is right for one family, may not be the best fit for another. When it comes to making important decisions about futures in hockey and education, information and options help you make decisions that you and your family are confident in.
Our event is geared not only towards giving players exposure to coaches but providing players information about education and competition with other elite players.
We hope you will make the decision to invest in yourself and your future as a collegiate hockey player by attending our showcase in 2017.

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